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Remember back in the olden days (like two years ago) when marijuana was illegal and frowned upon? Well, how times have changed… There’s a pot shop on every corner in half of the U.S. now, and stoners can finally hold their heads up high (ha, we said “high”). Our marijuana themed candles are freaking hilarious even if you’re not stoned. But just think how much funnier they are when you are stoned. You could even light up a dube with one of these bad boys. So, embrace your love of the devil’s lettuce, ganga, Mary Jane, grass and weed and pick up a few of these awesome cannabis themed candles today. They smell amazing, will burn up to 6o hours and have real bamboo lid. The perfect gift idea for all of the awesome little stoners in your life.

- The perfect gift for your best friend, bff, bestie, co-worker, mom, sister, in-law, wife, husband, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover. It makes an amazing present for any family member or lifelong friend with an amazing sense of humor, or it could make the perfect gift for yourself.

- Makes a great gift for any occasion – Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, stocking stuffer, Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift, engagement or wedding gift, bridesmaids’ gift, graduation gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Sweetest Day gift, retirement gift, going away gift, housewarming or new home gift or a just because gift. Show that special someone you care by making them laugh and smile with this beautiful candle.

- Candle weight is 1.5lbs with 12oz of rich and creamy vanilla-scented hand-poured soy wax in a beautiful premium reusable solid white glass jar, has a burn time of approximately 60 hours and includes a stylish Candle Vandal embossed bamboo lid.

- Add a splash of fun to any room in your house, home, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, den, foyer, office, conference room or cubicle. Perfect for long romantic evenings, relaxing hot baths or simply set it on your side table while you enjoy a good book and a glass of wine.

- Our mission in life is to make ridiculously fun, funny, raunchy, inappropriate, naughty, hysterical and sassy candles for ridiculously fun people and put ridiculously big smiles on their faces.